Tools and techniques for digital drama. Industrial transmedia.

What is it?

StoryFarm is a unique tool for telling stories the way the media world works now.

We originally developed it for writers who wanted to bring fictional characters alive across multiple social networks and websites.

It's an incredible tool for TV shows, brands and publishers, too — in fact, it's for anyone who wants to bring any story to life across multiple platforms.

How Does It Work?

StoryFarm is a platform designed for writers from top to bottom. You create characters and put words in their mouths — but also their online behaviour such as liking, replying or commenting on each other. You can very simply create stories made up of beats, tell StoryFarm when to publish it, and let the platform do the rest. The interface is intuitive and smooth: writing can be done without interruption and the need to switch between social platforms.

Stories are pieces of content, grouped together as a narrative. They can be brand campaigns or an online storyline for a TV show.

Beats are pieces of content; anything that advances the story. They can be Twitter or Facebook posts, blog posts, videos on YouTube (and other platforms). They can also be private communications which only get published on the Shop Window (see below).

The Shop Window is a way to consume all the pieces of content around the social web in a narrative way, ordered by time, so you can see the story unfolding. It means the audience doesn't have to follow everything all the time - they have a catch-up service they can check into whenever they like to see what's been going on.

Case Study

StoryFarm has most recently been used for VH1's new scripted drama Hit the Floor. Hit the Floor premiered on 27 May 2013 and follows the lives of the Los Angeles Devil Girls - the premiere dance team that supports the fictional professional basketball team the Los Angeles Devils.

This was a brand new show with no existing audience. Somethin' Else were tasked with bringing the characters to life online and extending the storylines into social spaces. VH1 wanted to bring a wider audience to the series, and reward the super fans.

As transmedia storytelling experts, we ran a conference with the writers from the production team and VH1. Storylines were defined and broken out. We established a manifesto and aims for the project and set up a system for showing how stories would intersect TV and all the other platforms.

StoryFarm was used to write the stories which were then automatically published to social platforms. Private messages and emails were only seen on The Locker Room (the Shop Window) - a responsive mobile friendly site where all the social content was housed.

Over 10 weeks we had 70,000 interactions from the audience by 44,000 unique users. We gained 67,000 Twitter followers, 13,000 mentions and 25,000 Facebook fans.

About Us

Somethin' Else are online storytelling experts, developing content and technology together to extend and enhance TV shows.

We've worked on Emmerdale (ITV), Skins (Channel 4) and Hit The Floor (VH1)

As part of the StoryFarm platform we offer a transmedia story consultancy service.

For more information or to arrange a live demonstration please contact:

Somethin’ Else

Paul Bennun - Chief Creative Officer

Phone: +44 (0)20 7250 5618